Georgia School Funding Association


Nature and History

The Association is a non-profit corporation, which has individuals and organizations as its members. It was formed in 2001 to improve the financing of K-12 education in Georgia. The initial emphasis was on equity in the financing of Georgia's public schools, but in late 2003 the focus shifted to adequacy.

The Association is strictly non-partisan, and its actions are not intended to criticize any State official. Its activities are governed by a board of directors elected by its members.

For more information about the Association, its beliefs, and its goals, please see the Statement of Principles that has been adopted by the Association's board of directors.

Board of Directors

Ms. Shirley B. Brooks, Board Member
Ben Hill County Schools

Mr. John Hudson, Former Board Member
Irwin County Schools

Dr. William A. Hunter, Superintendent
McIntosh County Schools

Mr. Bobby Jenkins, Former Superintendent
Randolph County Schools

Mr. Joseph G. Martin, Jr., Executive Director
Georgia School Funding Association

Dr. Jeffery C. Welch, Former Superintendent
Oglethorpe County Schools

Dr. Harold L. Wingfield, Former Board Member
Polk County Schools


Dr. Jeffery C. Welch, President
Ms. Shirley B. Brooks, Vice President
Mr. Joseph G.  Martin, Jr., Secretary
Dr. William A. Hunter, Past President

Contact Us

P.O. Box 9013
Atlanta, GA 31106
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